QSL info

If you had a radio contact with our club, you will find the necessary QSL info here.

Confirming your contact

It is not needed to send us your QSL cards. We will confirm from our side anyway

Club station ON6NB

If you worked our club station during a field day or public demonstration, we will confirm QSO through the bureau. If you require direct QSL, please contact our log manager. (see below) 

Special call signs

Our club uses a special call sign for specific occasions. The following calls have been used recently.

OS15M: special call to promote morse code as immaterial cultural heritage

OP14Z: special call to remember the battle of Zemst at the start of the first world war

OT70UBA: special call for 70th aniversary of the UBA

OR18NBT: special call for 18th birthday of Princess Elisabeth

OP2STAYHOME: special call sign for Covid

QSL through the bureau and direct QSL have been done.


Our club has been active on the following DXpeditions with the club call sign:

2012: Liechtenstein, HB0/ON6NB 

2013: Jersey, MJ/ON6NB

2014: Albania, ZA/ON6NB

2015: Île-de-Batz, TM6NB

For these DXpeditions, we have

Uploaded all contacts to LOTW

Uploaded all contacts to club log

Replied on all direct QSL received

Sent out QSL cards to all through the bureau

Log manager

Erik, ON4ANN, is the log manager for our club. For questions about logs and QSL, please use the contact form on our web site.

For direct QSL, please send a sae and 2 green stamps to

Erik de Mey-ON4ANN